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Final Fantasy High school

Final Fantasy High School
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Maintainer: Heather [AIM: ILuvHydeAndGackt] (E-mail: Laruku@Hotmail.co.uk)
Moderator Paine [AIM: TurkeyReno]

This is a final Fantasy RP, with all characters being of high school age and between the ages of 15 and 18, which will be grades 9 - 12. Any character can be used from any of the final fantasy games, as long as the character isn't already being roleplayed by someone else. You are able to roleplay up to Three characters. There are seven subjects a day, and must be chosen from the selection below. It is required for each member to have a character journal separate from his own “personal” journal. In this journal’s bio, you should store such information as the character’s age, grade, and classes.

Note: The character’s age does not have to be that of the age he or she is at during the course of the video game they originate from.

Grades are as follows:
Age 15 - Grade 9
Age 16 - Grade 10
Age 17 - Grade 11
Age 18 - Grade 12

Lessons can be chosen from the choices below (this is to enable more interaction between characters):

Lesson One
Biology - Tifa, Lenne, Squall, Cloud, Rikku, Aeris, Rinoa
Physics - Paine, Kuja, Wakka, Yuffie
Chemistry - Ellone, Black Mage
English Literature - Yuna, Sephiroth, Zell, Vincent

Lesson Two
Magic II - Tifa, Kuja, Wakka, Sephiroth, Black Mage
Weapon Skills - Paine, Squall, Cloud, Vincent, Yuffie
Pre-Calc – Ellone, Yuna, Zell, Aeris, Rinoa
Drama – Lenne, Rikku

Lesson Three
Music - Ellone, Yuna, Zell, Rikku, Black Mage, Aeris, Rinoa
Biology - Paine, Wakka
English Creativde Writing - Lenne, Kuja, Cloud, Yuffie
Psychology - Tifa, Squall, Sephiroth, Vincent

Lesson Four
Weapon skills - Tifa, Kuja, Wakka, Sephiroth,Zell, Rikku
Algebra - Cloud
Drama - Paine, Yuna, Yuffie
Monster studies - Lenne, Ellone, Vincent, Black Mage, Aeris

Lunch - All

Lesson Five
Chemistry - Yuna
Magic I - Lenne, Paine, Squall, Cloud, Zell, Rikku, Yuffie, Aeris, rinoa
Music - Tifa, vincent
Drama - Ellone, Kuja, Wakka, Sephiroth, Black Mage

Lesson Six
Physics - Yuna, Vincent
English Lit - Ellone, Wakka, Black Mage, Aeris
Cooking - Tifa, Squall, Kuja, Zell, Rikku, Rinoa
History - Lenne, Paine, Sephiroth, Cloud

Lesson Seven
Pre Calc - Vincent, Black Mage
Defensive magic - Ellone, Squall, Zell, Rikku
Sports - Lenne, Paine, Kuja, Wakka, Cloud, yuffie, Aeris
Monster Studies - Tifa, Yuna, Sephiroth

Obviously, you can only do each subject once, so for example, if you choose to have chemistry as your first lesson, you can't choose it for lesson 5 too. Also, you can't do both Magic I and Magic II, although you can do either Magic I/II and Defensive Magic.

Note: There are after school activities and clubs, such as the drama club.

The uniform consists of:

-Black knee length plaited skirt
-White knee high socks
-Black shoes, heel no higher than one inch
-White shirt.
-Black tie, with symbol of school in yellow on the bottom of it
-Black blazer type jacket to be worn over shirt outside of lessons.

-Black Trousers
-White socks
-Black lace up shoes
-White shirt
-Black tie, with symbol of school in yellow on the bottom of it
-Black blazer type jacket to be worn over shirt outside of lessons.

At the weekends, and after the school day has finished, students are allowed to wear their own clothes.

Dorms are shared, two people to each room. The rooms contain a bed, desk, and nightstand for each occupant, as well as a sink, mirror, and a large wardrobe for both to share. Windows in every room. The showers and bathrooms are at the end of each corridor, which are separated by gender. Other than the classrooms and dorms, the school contains a large Cafeteria, an immense of forestry and foliage that is the Training Center, an Infirmary, a Library, and a Stationary Shop. There are also outside Gardens and Courtyards, as well as a Great Hall for dances, plays, etc.

Teachers names
Headmaster: Mr. Armin
Biology Teacher: Mrs. Larkin
Physics Teacher: Mrs. Tanner
Chemistry teacher: Mr. Jones
English Lit teacher: Mr. Wood
Magic II Teacher: Mrs. Boltner
Weapon skills: Mr. Coopland
Pre-calc teacher: Mrs. James
Drama Teacher: Mrs. Piedmont
Music teacher: Mr. Jenkins
English CW teacher: Ms. Walker
Psychology teacher: Mr. Edwards
Algebra teacher: Ms. Cave
Monster studies teacher: Mr. Wolve
Magic I teacher: Mrs. Boltner
Cooking teacher: Mrs. Blair
History teacher: Mr. Cooper
Defensive magic teacher: Mrs. Royale
Sports teacher: Mr. Fennur

Taken Characters

Girls Dorms

Room 101

Room 102


Room 103


Room 104


Boys dorms

Room 201


Room 202


Room 203


Room 204

Black Mage

To request a character, please post in ffhsooc