my_rinoa (my_rinoa) wrote in ffhighschool,

Aiding Aeris

'Wow, so many people' Rinoa said to herself as she walked down the hall to Mrs. James' pre-calc class. She made sure to take her time so she could take in the school's beauty and the lovely groups of people as she walked by. Her mind was taken away from this when she steped on some paper and she bent down to grab it. Then she saw a trail leading to a girl with a pink bow in her hair bent over picking the others up. She looked at the paper in her hand and read the name, then began picking the rest of the papers up that where near her. She stood and talked over to the girl who had just gotten the rest of the papers she could find and said "Here you go Aeris. I got the rest for you." The girls head flew up at the mention of her name. Rinoa notice Aeris had very beauty eyes and felt alittle uneasy as she handed the papers to her. She then turned and made her way to her class not even waiting for a thank you or anything from the girl she just helped.
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