aeris_gains (aeris_gains) wrote in ffhighschool,


Feeling a little odd getting to class late on her first day Aeris opens the door to the classroom stoping Mrs. Larkin in the middle of her talk. "There you are" said Mrs. Larkin then turned to the class, "This is our new student Aeris, please make her feel welcome and help her as much as you can." she then pointed to an empyty seat towards the back for Aeris to sit in. Aeris walked without saying a word but a small smile on her face for she knew many eyes were on her and she wish they weren't. She sat down at the table and the teacher started up again.

After the work was handed out Mrs. Larkin let the class do what they wanted for the last few mins. Aeris just sat there with her hands in her lap looking at them hoping things would go better after this period. She hadn't ment to come in late but it just happend. Soon the bell rand and she was off to her next class. She told herslef she'd try to do better in talking to people in her next class.
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