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Final Fantasy High school [entries|friends|calendar]
Final Fantasy High School

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[11 May 2005|07:14pm]

I'm in the works of making a new FFhighschool, if anybody ever sees this, and want to join, be my guest, i'm waiting for ya.



[10 May 2005|09:32am]

Check FFhsooc

Aiding Aeris [27 Mar 2005|01:41pm]

'Wow, so many people' Rinoa said to herself as she walked down the hall to Mrs. James' pre-calc class. She made sure to take her time so she could take in the school's beauty and the lovely groups of people as she walked by. Her mind was taken away from this when she steped on some paper and she bent down to grab it. Then she saw a trail leading to a girl with a pink bow in her hair bent over picking the others up. She looked at the paper in her hand and read the name, then began picking the rest of the papers up that where near her. She stood and talked over to the girl who had just gotten the rest of the papers she could find and said "Here you go Aeris. I got the rest for you." The girls head flew up at the mention of her name. Rinoa notice Aeris had very beauty eyes and felt alittle uneasy as she handed the papers to her. She then turned and made her way to her class not even waiting for a thank you or anything from the girl she just helped.

To Pre-Calc [27 Mar 2005|01:32pm]

Aeris was on her way to her Pre-calc class in a bit of a rush trying again not to be late for any reason when her shoulder hit a young female at her locker caseing all her books to fly out her arms and on the ground. She turned and said sorry to the girl as she bent down to pick yp her belonging. 'Oh dear' she said to herself as she tried to grab the papers on the floor.She knew this would make her a little late but she had to get every single piece of paper.

Lesson II:: Drama attn-Lenne [24 Mar 2005|10:18pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Rikku attentively listened to the instructions given by Mrs. Peidmont, trying hard to make it look like she cared, or understood what she was saying.

"I'll be the patient..I guess?" she answered, but in more of a question than a statement. "So basically you say I'm going to die and I have to react? Is that it?" Lenne shook her head in agreement as Rikku readied herself for the first assignment.

All of the sudden, nerves stepped in. 'Oh I hope I don't make a fool of myself' she thought and covered her face with her palm. 'Get over yourself, Rikku. You can do this.' Rikku shook herself together right as the teacher called her and Lenne to do the assignment in front of the class.

Rikku looked at the lack of emotion on Lenne's face and smiled. "Let's go!"


lenne attn Drama (Rikku) [24 Mar 2005|11:47pm]


She introduces herself briefly. She just wants to get on with the task at hand, and not even try to make friends. She doesn’t want to be here, but thinks it would be rude to not be friendly towards the other girl.

“So… how are we going to do this?”

She asks, thinking about the task, which is to play out a scene where one person is a doctor, and the other is someone just finding out they are terminally ill.

“Do you wanna be the doctor or the patient?”

She questions, staring down at her nails. That girl has strange eyes… she can’t help thinking to herself, and it unnerves her to look at them.

“I don’t mind which part I play”

Biology [23 Mar 2005|07:03pm]

Feeling a little odd getting to class late on her first day Aeris opens the door to the classroom stoping Mrs. Larkin in the middle of her talk. "There you are" said Mrs. Larkin then turned to the class, "This is our new student Aeris, please make her feel welcome and help her as much as you can." she then pointed to an empyty seat towards the back for Aeris to sit in. Aeris walked without saying a word but a small smile on her face for she knew many eyes were on her and she wish they weren't. She sat down at the table and the teacher started up again.

After the work was handed out Mrs. Larkin let the class do what they wanted for the last few mins. Aeris just sat there with her hands in her lap looking at them hoping things would go better after this period. She hadn't ment to come in late but it just happend. Soon the bell rand and she was off to her next class. She told herslef she'd try to do better in talking to people in her next class.

Tifa attn Magic II (Black mage) [22 Mar 2005|11:19pm]

Tifa looked across at the… boy? That just sat next to her. She was in a good mood, as she was having dinner with Cloud, so she offered him a smile.

“I’m Tifa”

She introduced in her honey like voice. Looking around the class, she observed it was very empty. She shrugged to herself, and pulled out her cell phone. No reply from Paine. She frowned a little. She thought her friend would be excited for her.

Turning her attention to the black mage, and ignoring poor Mrs. Boltner, who was trying desperately to teach about forbidden magics such as ultima, she attempted to strike up a conversation.

“So, are you new here? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before?”

She asked, studying the unusual looking boy.

[07 Mar 2005|10:14am]

[ mood | tired ]

Black Mage wandes wearily into the Magic II classroom slightly fazed by his unexpected awakening because of Vincent setting the alarm clock too early in order to train. Walking hobbily to his seat Black mage settles down and closes his eyes and gets rudely awakened by Mrs. Boltner mumbling to herself about the highly noticeable fact that there is but two people in the class. "Just give it a couple minutes" exclaims Black Mage. "It's eight minutes into class!!" rebukes Mrs. Boltner. "Well if they're not here in ten minutes i'm guessing we're not having class?". But much to his dismay Black Mage is shot down in his helpless attempts to get some more sleep. Black Mage wanders over to Tifa and introduces himself and yawns and takes a seat next to her. "...I hope you don't mind because uhh... i'm sitting here no matter what"


Vincent Valentine-Weapon Skills [04 Mar 2005|07:57am]

[ mood | confused ]

Vincent walks into the class worried because he is already 30 min late to the class, he tries to sneak by the teacher but no luck, he gets caught by Mr. Coopland and as punishment is sent to check up on someone by the name of "Cloud" in the back room. He opens the door to find someone falling over a pile of swords.
"..." Vincent backs out slowly
He goes back to class and tells Mr. Coopland he is "okay" then takes his seat in confusion.
"why was the kid under like 20 swords" he says to himself as he starts doing his work.


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