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Lesson II:: Drama attn-Lenne

Rikku attentively listened to the instructions given by Mrs. Peidmont, trying hard to make it look like she cared, or understood what she was saying.

"I'll be the patient..I guess?" she answered, but in more of a question than a statement. "So basically you say I'm going to die and I have to react? Is that it?" Lenne shook her head in agreement as Rikku readied herself for the first assignment.

All of the sudden, nerves stepped in. 'Oh I hope I don't make a fool of myself' she thought and covered her face with her palm. 'Get over yourself, Rikku. You can do this.' Rikku shook herself together right as the teacher called her and Lenne to do the assignment in front of the class.

Rikku looked at the lack of emotion on Lenne's face and smiled. "Let's go!"
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